Utah Adventure Pt 1 – Crystal Geyser

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20160510_070422I recently returned from Utah on a 5 day adventure touring some petroglyphs around Green River and the Four Corners Region. Camping under the stars and hiking into some of these remote areas was exhilarating and exhausting. Utah in May is still very comfortable with highs in the 80-90’s and lows averaging around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity was low and the vegetation was very green and lush while the flowers were in full bloom.

Visiting Utah in the off-season is much more enjoyable as you don’t have to fight crowds of people going the same places as you. I took opportunities to meet several folks also wandering through these areas, and seeking the solace back-country the way it was intended.

20160510_070212I set out on this adventure with one goal in mind and that was to see some of the rock art Utah has to offer that may be located in lesser known areas. I travelled for about 6 hours from Denver Colorado to Utah on I-70 and exited at Thompson Springs to find a campsite.

After being discouraged from all the “No Trespassing” signs just north of Thompson Springs, I decided to get back on 70 and head further into Utah. Just outside the town of Green River I found a hidden gem at a well-known local landmark called Crystal Geyser. I stumbled into the area around 10 pm on a Monday night and had the whole place to myself.

When I awoke the next morning I was awestruck. Crystal Geyser is an amazing area nestled in the hills just south of the town of Green River, connected through a network of dirt roads, and overlooking the Green River that cuts through the landscape. The geyser is really interesting as it springs water from the earth and the minerals are collected and deposited over the rocks, offering a palette of color and richness in an otherwise black and white landscape.

20160510_065339As I was preparing for my day of hiking, I decided to use my bush pot to collect some spring water for my morning coffee. I really felt at peace while sipping my expensive coffee and soaking up the crisp desert air as I planned my next stop at Sego Canyon to see the petroglyphs.

The geyser is moderately active, and I was fortunate to see it gush on the last day of my trip. Crystal Geyser is but one of many hidden gems located off the beaten path in the state of Utah, and this adventurer will be returning to see this feature on my next trip to Utah.

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