Utah Adventure Pt 10 – Scenic Byway

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20160512_190701Cruising on highway 95 north through Fry Canyon and Hite, the sun is setting and the landscape is pushing the last bit of color from the peaks as the darkness looms in the east. I’m hoping to cut through these last few canyons and get to a campsite, but as I keep driving I realize I’m on a scenic byway and am cutting through some beautiful country.

Trying to capture video while driving and bumbling with camara gear is a challenge, but I’m hoping I can deliver some incredible video. The truck is now below an 8th of a tank and I have quite a way to travel to find fuel, so I’m forced to slow down and really take in the scenery. This section of road is only a couple of hours drive in modern times, but it would have taken several days or weeks a couple hundred years ago.
20160512_192230The sun keeps pushing to the horizon, as I cruise over the fields and through these huge canyons towering around me, it occurs to me that I haven’t eaten anything all day. Finishing my last bit of water from a 20 oz bottle, I am taken back to what this country must have been like before the horse. When people travelled mostly on foot. This whole area was explored and populated by native people making their way on foot. This would have been quite and endeavor.

Finally reaching the Colorado River, I cross this beautiful bridge that contrasts the landscape and is a modern eye-sore. Looks to be a hydro-electric plant off to the south, I’m guessing, as we make our way out of the canyon and up on the rim to an overlook. The truck is almost on fumes and I’m completely out of water, perhaps this was not well planned. 50 miles outside of Hanksville, Utah and the truck and I are running on empty. I snap a few pictures at the overlook and hop in the truck and we barrel down the road towards Hanksville.
20160512_190631After topping off the truck and throwing down a double cheeseburger and fries at Blondies, I am feeling the urgency to find a campsite before the last bit of light fades. I’m starting to realize that tomorrow will be my roughest day as I hope to visit Horseshoe Canyon and one other pictograph site, but right now I need to settle in for the night and get some sleep.

Hanksville, Utah

Hite, UT 84533, USA

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