Utah Adventure Pt 4 – Black Dragon Canyon

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20160510_165454Making my way out of Buckhorn Wash and getting back on I-70, I head east back towards the town of Green River in search of a small dirt road that connects directly to I-70 around mile marker 147. Upon my success, I turn off the interstate and open the gate and proceed in to Black Dragon Canyon.

The sun is falling in the sky and the canyon is throwing shadows across the walls. The canyon is filled with lush green vegetation. Cottonwoods line the sunlit areas in the canyon and the road quickly turns to a dry creek bed.

20160510_165657The truck cuts through some of the narrows and dodging boulders and debris, then finally stops just short of a rocky area that forces me to proceed on foot. The hike is enjoyable as the canyon is filled with birds and lizards.

A variety of plants and flowers are abundant and give a clue that there must be water just beneath the surface. Some of the canyon walls are dripping with water that is seeping from the landscape above the canyon rim. The ground is firm and rocky, but gives way to an easy hike. I trek through the canyon before I realize I must have missed my destination. So I backtrack about a mile before I find my treasure.

These pictographs are not as extensive as I seen earlier today, but offer a more interesting appeal. I will leave you to ponder exactly what these pictographs depict as I have my opinions. Again, I’m struck by the surrounding area and look for any motivation of why someone would choose this area to mark with these pictographs.

Well, darkness descends as I am caught in a daydream about what lies before me. I gather up my day pack, down some H2O, and cut a line back to the truck.

20160510_170329Back in the town of Green River I double check my map and find a campsite just south of Moab, Utah. I grab a bite to eat and speed out of town and once again eastbound on I-70.

It is just after 10 pm when I pull into my campsite on Bureau of Land Management BLM land just off Yellow Circle rd about 6 miles south of Moab.

Black Dragon Wash, Utah 84525, USA

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