Utah Adventure Pt 5 – Newspaper Rock

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20160511_135241Slept late this morning, got camp broke and ready to go at about 11 am. Two cups of coffee, clean clothes, and a full tank of fuel, as I’m off into the Utah landscape. Driving south under the mid day sun while the pavement heats up and the mirages dance on the far distant pavement.

Canyonlands is on the agenda today as I travel further south on highway 191 and head towards the southern most entrance to Canyonlands National Park. Just outside the park entrance I am awestruck of the magnatude of petroglyphs located at Newspaper Rock.

This is like modern TV where there is just so much to take in and there is so many stories interwoven into both the rock art and the site as a whole.

20160511_135314Newspaper Rock is a gallery of petroglyphs that span close to a thousand years in time. The oldest glyphs are lost to all the additions over time. There are images depicted here that are seen in other locations dating back to 1500 BC, but this location cannot be easily dated based on the expanse of the site. Im certain that they would not be more than 800 to 1000 years old, still holding great value to the historical community. Though, it seems that this site has been lost to the history books and is not all that common for its significance. I feel that this may be due to so many contributions from both european to different native american cultures that are depicted on the rock.

20160511_135225I’m not up for retelling a history lesson, so I hope you enjoy the photos and find them as interesting as I. Did you note that some of the hand and footprints have six digits. This is most interesting, and there are a few other symbols that only bring more questions instead of answers. This is why these are artistic works as they go beyond the story and reveal much about a people lost to the pages of time, yet leave you wandering if this is simply a prank done by a bunch of teenagers in the 1950’s.

I turn my sights toward Canyonlands National Park and fire up the sleeping dragon that is my truck, and head onward.

Newspaper Rock State Historical Monument, 365 S Main St, Monticello, UT 84535, USA

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