Utah Adventure Pt 8 – Wolfman Rock Art

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20160512_124351Getting back onto the hardball and heading west on highway 163, I quickly found my next adventure heading back off the road into Lower Butler Wash and searching for the Wolfman Pictograph Site. At about a mile north of highway 163 I make my way down this dirt road that is being consumed by the grasslands. At the end of the road I once again have to resort to hiking the rest of the way.

Lower Butler Wash is a pretty cool area that is surrounded by high ridge lines on both the east and west sides. The eastern ridge-line is the typical dark red rock cliffs and formations while the western ridge is pure white. The ruins are littered along the western ridge as well as the pictograph site I am seeking.

20160512_124457I cut over the grassy area and then over a huge rock surface to the edge of a small canyon with a trickle of a stream cutting through. I was able to find a trail leading south that navigated a small ledge headed down in to the canyon. There were a few technical areas, but for the most part the reward, more than makes up for the difficult journey. I located the petroglyph panel on the southern most edge of the canyon, and was once again impressed by the abstractness and variety of rock art. This place was also a mix of some very old pictographs as well as some more modern. More modern being several hundred years old, perhaps 900-1200 AD.

20160512_124153I quickly see why these are called the Wolfman Petroglyph Site as the panel includes one figure with horns and long fingers that might be considered hairy. There are some really abstract symbols on the panel here and some I have seen elsewhere, but one particular one seems truly unique.

I wont spoil or taint your thoughts on what you might be seeing by trying to impose my opinions on to you the reader, so I will simply post my pictures and let you make your own interpretations.

20160512_124500The local geography once again has me pondering a deeper meaning of “Why”. What is the significance of such an area that it would justify recording such symbols for future cultures to see.




Wolfman Petroglyph Site

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